The Biisi Cup ice climbing festival recently took place on the frozen Biisi waterfall, with both local and international participants attending. The festival saw over 50 climbers from different age groups compete for the top prize on the 50-meter frozen waterfall. Nessi Machavariani emerged victorious among the female competitors, while Giorgi Makhatadze took home the first-place prize in the men's category. Nessi is a student of the "Adventure Tourism School" hiking program and a member of the Mountaineering and Rock-Climbing Women's Club. It was heartening to see such a wide range of participants taking part in the competition, with the oldest being 71-year-old Ali Aslanishvili from Fereidne and the youngest being 12-year-old Ana Tsarsidze from Tbilisi. The festival attracted participants from various municipalities across Georgia, including foreign tourists who were eager to join in on the ice climbing fun. It is worth noting that this competition on the frozen Biisi waterfall has been held for the first time 20 years ago.


Georgia is set to be a host country at ITB Berlin 2023, the world's leading travel and tourism trade fair. As a host country, Georgia will have the opportunity to showcase its unique culture, history, and stunning natural landscapes to a global audience. One of the organizations representing Georgia at the event is the Georgian Mountain Guide Association. This association represents the interests of mountain guides in Georgia and promotes sustainable tourism in the country's mountainous regions. Through its participation in ITB Berlin 2023, the association aims to showcase the incredible opportunities for adventure and exploration that Georgia's mountains have to offer. Georgia's mountains are a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, offering everything from trekking and climbing to mountaineering. The Georgian Mountain Guide Association is committed to promoting responsible tourism practices in these areas to ensure that visitors can enjoy these activities in a safe and sustainable way. The association also works to support local communities and promote the preservation of traditional mountain culture. As a host country at ITB Berlin 2023, Georgia has the opportunity to attract a significant number of international tourists and promote its unique offerings to a global audience. By working with organizations like the Georgian Mountain Guide Association, Georgia can showcase its commitment to sustainable tourism practices and highlight the importance of preserving its natural and cultural heritage.

Feb 28, 2023


In May 2023, the Landmark Adventure Event will bring together five teams of certified adventure guides: two female and two male guides embark on an exciting 7-day expedition. Throughout the journey, they will face and overcome daily adventure challenges in various disciplines, demonstrating their professionalism, guiding skills, leadership, and teamwork. This marathon has a greater purpose beyond the adventure itself, rather than being a competition in extreme sports - it aims to celebrate the adventure guide profession, inspire young people to join, encourage gender equality and female participation, and promote skills development, certification, and adventure tourism. Join us in celebrating the amazing work of Georgian adventure guides and supporting their mission to inspire, challenge, and empower us all. Let's show the world what we're made of!